Tuesday, April 28, 2009

What was Cody Glenn thinking?

Oh that Cody Glenn.

In the aftermath of getting drafted in the fifth round by the Washington Redskins, the “real reason” why Nebraska head coach Bo Pelini suspended him for the final four games of the season came out.

Or so we thought.

Glenn, who made a position change from sporadically used running back to starting linebacker, told The Associated Press on Tuesday that he made up the story about selling his tickets, which would have been a violation of NCAA rules. The fifth-round pick said he wanted to satisfy reporters and get them to quit asking him about the suspension. Various NU officials said the suspension due to ticket scalping was “news to us.”“It was me being dumb, just trying to have people leave me alone,” Glenn said in a Lincoln Journal Star interview. “It’s something I said that I probably shouldn’t have, looking at it now.”

The LJS also reported that Glenn spoke with department officials Tuesday morning to clear things up. At the time of the suspension, Pelini cited violation of team rules as the reason for his dismissal. Glenn on Tuesday refused to disclose the real reason for his suspension, saying it was between him and Pelini.

The first question I ask is, what the hell was Glenn thinking? How dare he throw the program under the bus after the coaching staff saved what was a languishing career?

This does not seem like it will end with the infraction being swept under the rug. It just seems like a can of worms has been opened now. I'm wondering why Glenn wouldn't have kept the "team violation" message and said something along the lines of "I've told my new coaches what they need to know, but out of respect for my former program it remains a private matter."

Which leaves me to ask, was Glenn advised to go in such a direction?

The best way I see out of this for Nebraska with zero punishment is if they inform the NCAA of the exact details of Glenn's suspension and do it right now. Further, either NU or Glenn needs to have a news conference and explain the details to the media so as to clear up any ambiguity and not have the issue drag.

If Glenn is making all of this up, it's quite obvious he's absolutely clueless about the media that cover the NFL. This isn't Lincoln anymore. We’re talking Washington DC. NFL media, especially that on the East Coast will not take "no comment" for an answer from anybody, politician or athlete.

This is not going to get better for Glenn. There will be reporters in front of his locker the first day of minicamp and they're not going to go away like they do in Lincoln. These guys will dig and report rumors with poor sources. Glenn's gotten the Nebraska athletic department in a PR bind even if it's completely fabricated. I really hope the first thing Tom Osborne does is call the NCAA compliance office and explain to them every single detail of Glenn's suspension, even if it wasn't due to an NCAA violation in any way. Otherwise, the NCAA's going to have questions and will look for any reason to get Nebraska in trouble. I'd rather it be Nebraska getting out in front of it before the NCAA starts sniffing, even if it's entirely unwarranted.

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